Sherwood Associates

Larry Sherwood, as President of Sherwood Associates, provides executive project management, policy analysis, communications, and event planning related to renewable energy and environmental issues.

Through decades of experience working with government and industry, Mr. Sherwood enjoys good working relationships with leaders and key stakeholders in the field. His extensive knowledge of the regulations and technologies affecting today’s renewable energy market make him a recognized authority in his own right.  

As a leader and project manager, he facilitates collaboration among diverse stakeholders toward mutual goals (for example, industry, regulators, government, and utilities). With his help, organizations develop strategic direction, and make informed decisions about challenging topics. In addition, Sherwood Associates provides comprehensive management of project finances, including developing budgets, managing expenses, and proper reporting.

Sherwood Associates produces communications and publications aimed at a wide range of audiences. These include newsletters, technical reports, web sites and presentations. Events and meetings are planned with attention to detail.

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